Meet Our Family

Group 8

Ramesh Vasant: Our Founder in Chief

As handsome and eloquent as he was 60 years ago, Ramesh Vasant over the years has quite the story to tell.

From a small town in Saurashtra, Gujarat he grew up in a family with 10 Siblings, 9 of which were sisters! As a young man, responsible for his family, he started off as a truck driver, to buying his first truck and growing it into a fleet of the most reliable trucks in Northern Gujarat.

He is a singer and a passionate photographer, who till date is the only person from Gujarat to ever hold the prestigious elected position of President of the All India Motor Transport Congress! Wish several strikes, and revolutions in his years, he now very gently advises his family on taking the right decisions, and keep their eyes on what really matters.

Hiten Vasant: Our Commander in Chief

They say that if you haven’t met him, you don’t know what real energy feels like!
As energetic as he has ever been, Mr Hiten Vasant drives home the idea of service before self.

He has been recognised as a Business Icon by the Divya Bhaskar group and has been awarded the “Young Transporter” awarder by the All India Motor Transport Congress.

He has served on the board of several companies, and has been an elected member of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce for several years.
He brought us on the road to transport, and today he still passionately engages not only in our transport businesses, but also in his fervent passion Agriculture.
The motto for the vasant group “ we deliver results” comes from him, since his entire life his friends and family have known him to be the one person to call when in need.

Group 8

Yash Vasant: Our Chief Rockstar

With a degree in Neuroscience and Economics from the University of California Los Angeles, the company knew that he was already well poised to be a renegade away from the family logistics business.

Today, if you don’t know him, you most certainly should Google him! He is known and loved by many, not just for his business success but his uncanny ability to understand the human sentiment and communicate to large audiences almost always leading to a paradigm shift in anyone that interacts with him.

He worked at the B/L counter of a shipping line in Dubai before moving back to India to set up and transform some of our logistics companies at Vasant Group. Today he helps the Vasant Group build strategically while being financially sound.

Anuj Vasant: Our Wizard in Chief

They say, sportsmen make the best business men.

As a passionate cricketer, Anuj brings his on field experience to the operations at Vasant Group.

With a degree in Engineering, he not only is the business head at Vasant Overseas Pvt Ltd, he also leads every operational effort to improvise and maximise our efficiency across the board to our clients. If we were cricketing team, he would be our lean, mean, left arm medium paced bowler that ensures we never lose.