About Us

As businesses we are measured by results, results that we derive through people.
And hence people is at the centre of everything we do at Vasant Group

Corporate Philosophy

“ We Deliver Results” Delivering results time and again is the sole Philosophy that propels the Group forward.

Vasant Group pledges highest level of on-time performance, reliability and cost effectiveness in all forms of services.


To emerge as the leading provider of Logistics and related services, by the creation of a strategically organized network, competent team and a commitment to all round excellence.


Quality Service that stimulates Symbiotic Growth. The foundation for our business is quality output and a strong commitment to our clients. Whatever their goals, we spare no effort to help them achieve the same.

Vasant Group

India has seen record economic growth in the past 5 decades, regardless of the industry segment that was doing well, there was only one industry that linked the entire country’s economy: Logistics.
In 1960, Vasant Transport Corporation was established by Ramesh Gopaldas Vasant, with only one focus at its core: Delivering on time. With a specialised transportation service in the Saurashtra belt of Gujarat, Vasant Transport over the past 70 has never wavered from its core value of keeping it simple and delivering on time.
Since then, the Vasant Group has grown exponentially in its core area of trucking and has expanded to offer: warehousing, freight forwarding and 3PL solutions to Indian and Global companies at large.
With a footprint spanning across Gujarat, and India, the Vasant Group is now represented in over 50 countries with agents and offices in almost all the port countries of the world.
The group has been associated with companies like Philips, LG, Vodafone, Airtel, Nirma and Sony and has amassed several accolades including the best Depot for Philips in 2015 and was recognised by the Economic Times as the Best Logistics Company in Gujarat.

Today at the age of 70 we are younger, faster, stronger and hungrier than ever before, and we welcome you to what we proudly call: “The Vasant Experience”


“As businesses we are measured by results, results that we derive through people. And hence people is at the centre of everything we do at Vasant Group”

“ At vasant group if you ask any employee what we do, there is one resonating response: We Deliver Results”


“Our core focus is on training our team. A team that trains together, stays together”

“ 99.5% of our customers are still with us since they started!“


“ We are proud of our team members that have been with us for over 40 years! and then ones that joined yesterday!”

“ Our culture of excellence is what sets us apart. Once we confirm a shipment, we always deliver”


Core Values


Seamless and Simple

Relationships Focused

Ownership and Accountability

Traditions + Innovations

Culture of Excellence