Vasant Transport Corporation was established by Mr. Ramesh Vasant in Porbandar in 1960 with the support of his father and uncle. From an initial background in oil and ginning industry, the Company has come a long way to make a name for itself in the transport and logistics industry. With the humble beginning of one truck the journey began with the first contract of the Maharana Mills Limited.

The family started operating in Ahmedabad from the friend's transport office and soon gained recognition as a booking service provider from Ahmedabad to Saurashtra. At the same time, Vasant Transport came to be known as one of the select few companies that provided top-notch transportation services on the 450 kms long Ahmedabad – Porbandar route. When Saurashtra's economy was in the incipient stage, VasantTransport Corporation made significant contribution to it through highly efficient transport services.

Vasant Transport Corporation gradually began increasing its fleet of vehicles, as well as the number of destinations that they covered. Eventually, Vasant Transport Corporation notched up significant market share in all the important centers across Saurashtra. This development spurred them to start a two way service between Ahmedabad and Porbandar. As, Ahmedabad was fast becoming the transportation hub, Vasant Transport Corporation, in 1972, made it their base of operations.

In 1984, Mr. Hiten Vasant, joined the family business and since then has been instrumental in converting The Vasant family enterprise to Vasant Group and has taken it to unprecedented arenas.

The Group has started many companies that are a name to reckon with, in their respective sectors.